Travelling abroad? How to keep your Dubai home fire-proof

Dubai: Everyone has to go through the same checklist before making travel plans abroad, such as checking the validity of passports, the requirement of tourist visas, and the cost of travel insurance.

Once all the arrangements are made and the big day has finally arrived, its not simply a matter of jumping in a car and heading off to the airport.

Another checklist also applies to the home.  

Dubai Municipality has cautioned residents to look out for the top six risks that may turn their home into a ticking time bomb while they are away on holiday.

Procedures to take at home before travelling:

Gas and toxic substances are one of the most dangerous items at a home if stored incorrectly.

-Ensure the sealing of cylinders and liquefied gas outlets are closed, and also secure gas connections.

-Dispose of chemicals and flammable substances

-Avoid storing pesticides inside the house.

-Dispose of house waste.

-After returning home, open the windows and switch on air conditioners to rotate the internal air and to expel harmful gases.

-Once home, the water tank should also be emptied.

When travelling abroad, it is also important to keep your home safe from intruders.

On its social networking sites, Dubai Police regularly offer advice on how residents can protect their belongings, as the vulnerability of an empty home makes it the perfect target for burglars. 

How to keep your home safe from burglars

Secure all entrances and windows.

Secure the wardrobes/ and or the safes where you keep your valuables.

Deposit your money and valuables in a bank locker.

Do not leave the car keys in the ignition.

Inform one of your relatives or friends to periodically check your house while you are away.


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