Trump plans to lead UN meeting on Iran: Haley

US president’s envoy says move aimed at putting more pressure on Tehran over violations of resolutions

U.S. President Donald Trump.

US President Donald Trump plans to lead a meeting of heads of state of the United Nations Security Council meeting on Iran in late September, his envoy Nikki Haley announced Tuesday.

With the United States now holding the presidency of the Security Council, Haley said the aim is to further pressure on Tehran over its alleged violations of council resolutions.

“President (Donald) Trump is very adamant that we have to start making sure that Iran is falling in line with international order,” Haley told reporters.

“If you continue to look at the spread Iran has had in supporting terrorism, if you continue to look at the ballistic missile testing that they are doing, if you continue to look at the sales of weapons we see with the Houthis in Yemen – these are all violations of security council resolutions,” she said.

“These are all threats to the region, and these are all things that the international community needs to talk about.”

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