Tumour removed from 60-year-old patient’s heart

Dubai: When he was rushed to hospital after falling unconscious, Iqbal Javed had no clue that he would undergo rare heart surgery.

The 60-year-old Pakistani man, who works for etisalat, has lived with his family in the UAE for 30 years. He has had no major health issues except for few minor episodes of dizziness a few weeks before the incident.

Upon finding every neurological parameter normal, Javed was referred to a cardiologist, and was taken by surprise at the diagnosis.

Dr Girish Chandra Varma, consultant cardio thoracic surgeon at NMC Speciality Hospital at Al Nahda, said: “We performed the Echo test and found that there was a lump of mass [tumour] in the right side of his heart. The tumour was intermittently obstructing the tricuspid valve [one of the main valves in the heart that regulates the flow of blood], which is why he was experiencing giddiness intermittently.”

Dr Varma praised Javed, whose daughter is studying medicine in Ukraine, for his decision to undergo surgery in the UAE. “Javed has access to the UK’s health care system. His decision to get operated here is a testimonial to the rise of health care standards in the country,” he said.

Doctors eventually removed the tumour after putting Javed on a heart and lung bypass machine.

“This golf ball sized tumour would have caused many complications as such patients can collapse suddenly because of a sudden blockage of blood flow, rendering the outcome as fatal,” Dr Varma said.

Javed is recovering well and is looking forward to celebrating Eid with his loved ones.

“I am grateful to Allah that I was diagnosed and treated at the right time. I am thankful to Dr Verma and his team for the support and strength they gave me before, during and after the procedure,” he said.


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