Twin sisters guilty of beating, cursing policewoman in drunken state

Defendants sentenced to 6 months in jail for assaulting, cursing victim while being taken for liquor test

Dubai: Twin advocate sisters were sentenced to six months in jail for beating and cursing a policewoman when they were arrested outside a hotel for being drunk.

Police officers were summoned to Al Barsha area where two British sisters were behaving mischievously outside a hotel in August.

A police patrol team that reached the hotel found that the two drunk advocates were behaving outrageously. One of the sisters was being treated for an arm injury in an ambulance car by paramedics, while the other was standing outside the ambulance and shouting.

Once the Britons refused to cooperate with the policeman, he contacted his supervisor, who ordered him to handcuff the sisters and bring them to the police station.

Outside the police station, the policeman called his female colleague to come and take the sisters and then he entered the station to get another handcuff.

When the policeman returned, he saw his female co-worker being assaulted and pushed on the floor.

The Britons were restrained and put on a police bus to be sent for an alcohol test, during which they assaulted the policewoman again and cursed her.

On Tuesday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the British sisters of assaulting a policewoman and cursing her.

They were tried for consuming alcohol before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court.

The defendants pleaded not guilty.

According to the primary ruling, presiding judge Shaikha Hamad said the convicts will be deported after serving their jail terms. The policewoman said the incident happened after the sisters were taken into custody for mischievous behaviour outside the hotel while they were drunk.

“They took me by surprise and attacked me … I didn’t know why. They pushed me down on the floor and when I fell down, I injured my head and elbow. While they were being taken for an alcohol test, they cursed me and cursed Arab women. One of them also scratched my hand with her nails,” she testified.

Three policemen and a lieutenant confirmed the victim’s statement.

The defendants’ lawyer argued in court that his clients did not behave rowdily with the policewoman and that they did not have any criminal intention.

Tuesday’s judgement remains subject to appeal within 15 days.

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