Two teenagers commit suicide over crush on same girl

Hyderabad: Two lovelorn teenagers burnt themselves to death after learning they had fallen in love with the same girl.

The incident has left many residents of Jagatiyal town in Telangana in shock.

According to the police Mahinder and Ravi, both 16, were depressed for the last few days after they realised that they were in love with the same girl.

Jagatiyal deputy superintendent of police Venkat Ramanna told journalists on Monday that the two classmates of 10th standard in St John’s School K Mahinder and Ravi Teja committed suicide by pouring petrol and setting themselves on fire.

“They were inspired by a recent Telugu movie, RX100,” he said, sharing the findings of the investigation into the incident of last night.

The boys are also believed to have feared that, if their parents or teachers knew about it, they would be punished.

“The two had watched the film together and inspired by it decided to end their lives as they realised that their love was destined to fail. Sunday being a holiday they went around together, had a drink at an isolated spot late in the evening. Later they poured the petrol they had brought with them on each other and set themselves on fire”, said the DSP.

Initially, the police had suspected that they had killed each other after an altercation but subsequent investigations revealed that it was a suicide pact.

“Both the teenagers were in depression for sometime,” Venkat Ramanna said. They failed to realise that the films were made for entertainment and not to copy in real life.”

He urged the parents to keep an eye on their wards and if they notice any unusual changes they should immediately take them to the counsellors.

“The families of the two boys failed to notice the mental condition and suicidal tendencies of the boys,” he said.

After the incident on Sunday night residents alerted the police and emergency services about the two young boys caught in the flames.

Police said that Madhinder died when he was being shifted in an ambulance to a local hospital and his classmate died as he was being taken to Karimnagar district hospital.

Earlier, police inspector Prakash had said that the boys might have set each other on fire angered by the fact that they were infatuated with the same girl.

The police had initially registered a case of mysterious death and were probing the incident from various angles.

The families of the two boys alleged that there was a third person at the spot when the incident occurred.

St. Johns School remained close on Monday after paying condolences over the death of the two students. The school correspondent Shobha said that she was not aware of any problem between the two students. While Mahinder was a regular in attendance, the other boy was irregular, she added.

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