UAE Armed Forces participate in Joint Gulf Shield 1 Drills

Sat 14-04-2018 19:27 PM

DAMMAM, 14th April, 2018 (WAM) — The UAE Armed Forces are participating in the final maneuvers of the region’s largest scale military drill “Joint Gulf Shield I” with the participation of 24 friendly Gulf, Arab and Muslim countries.

The drills will also be witnessed by Arab and Muslims leaders and heads of state on Monday in the Saudi Eastern Province.

“The drills reinforce the close military coordination between the participating countries and help advance their joint capabilities and combat readiness, ” said the Commander of the UAE forces participating in the maneuvers.

“The military exercises show the professionalism and the advanced capabilities enjoyed by the UAE Armed Forces, including their highly sophisticated equipment and expertise that enable them to ensure the country’s and region’s stability and security in face of the challenges besetting the entire world, ” he added.

“The great support lent by the country’s wise leadership has provided the armed forces with the latest military technologies and weaponry and helped train our soldiers to use the latest weaponry, in a way that enables them to stand up to any dangers threatening the region’s stability, he added.

The 7-day military maneuvers included live ammunition, clearing a chemical attack facility, striking air force missile pads, naval vessel operations, coastal defense, clearing villages etc.Led by Saudi Arabia, the exercise aimed to showcase the participating countries’ capabilities of planning and executing military actions and operating modern weapon systems.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed

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