UAE Armed Forces save Yemeni child suffering from landmine shrapnel wounds

MOCHA, 16th February, 2018 (WAM) — In a humanitarian gesture, the UAE Armed Forces’ mobile hospital has rescued the life of a Yemeni boy who suffered serious shrapnel wounds and intestinal damage when a landmine, planted by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias, blew off near his house in the Mocha District.

Thanks to the divine care and the UAE medical team’s quick response, Khalil Yasin Ahmed survived the act of the Iranian evil, terrorist force.

Even the childhood in Yemen are not spared from aggression, crimes and terrorism committed by the terrorist Houthi militias, the exclusive proxy of the Iranian hegemony force. The Houthi rebels are planting dangerous landmines to kill Yemen’s innocent children and quash their hope for life in a destructive, aggressive plot against the future of Yemen.

Khalil Yasin Ahmed stepped on the landmine while playing with his brothers near the family house in the Raiwais village of the Mocha District in the Red Sea Coast.

The UAE Armed Forces medical team immediately swept into action to save the life of the boy, providing quick medical and humanitarian assistance.

The rescue operation is yet another valuable addition to the UAE’s proven humanitarian record in helping the people of Yemen to overcome the difficult circumstances they are experiencing as a result of the terrorist acts perpetuated by the Iranian Houthi militias, which amount to crimes against humanity.

The wounded child was taken to the Mocha hospital after receiving first aid. As the hospital is not equipped to treat such critical cases, the child was referred to the UAE Armed Forces’ mobile hospital where he immediately underwent a surgery that took more than two hours.

The Emirates News Agency, WAM, reporter escorted the medical team while conducting the surgery after which he was airlifted to the UAE to complete his treatment and psychological rehabilitation.

The reporter touched the humane treatment offered by the medical team to the Yemeni wounded child, a gesture reflects how the UAE provides assistance to the underprivileged regardless of considerations.

The family of the injured boy praised the UAE’s humanitarian stance and generous support during these dire conditions. The family members said, “We will not forget the Emirati support.”

They also extended thanks and appreciation to President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan whose instructions reflect the attention of the Emirati leadership and people to the Yemeni people.

Aisha, mother of the injured boy was very sad and prayed to Allah the almighty to see him wearing the school uniform again.

The mother had been crying for two hours until the surgeon got out of the operation room to tell her of the good news.

She extended thanks to the UAE’s merciful leadership for the humanitarian gesture which embodies the country’s pioneering approach to provide all support for the needy and underprivileged.

The Iranian Houthi militias deliberately planted mines and explosive devices in roads, farms and populated areas randomly which have killed and injured hundreds of victims from the Yemeni people, especially children, and caused permanent disabilities to many children. A number of families lost their fathers as a result of the mines planted by the evil militias.

The father of the child also extended thanks and appreciation to the UAE for the humanitarian gesture and its relentless efforts to improve living conditions and support for the Yemenis. He said,” Provision of medical treatment to my son is a generous gesture from the UAE and its wise leadership and reflects the UAE’s desire to support the future of Yemen.”

The gesture is seen in the framework of the continuous support provided by the UAE to the people of Yemen and to alleviate their suffering in the difficult circumstances they face as a result of continuous violations of the Iranian Houthi militia.

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah, Head of medical team, emphasised desire to provide integrated field medical services to Yemeni people in the liberated areas in the Red Sea Coast. He also pointed out that the medical team provides free medical treatment and care to patients at their houses.

He also added that the military field hospital had received the injured child from a landmine explosion in a critical condition due to shrapnel in his body which left serious injuries and damage to his intestine, where the surgery lasted more than two hours.

The doctors, he added, were able to save his life and then airlifted to the UAE to complete his treatment.

The contributions of the Emirati medical teams of the UAE Armed Forces in Yemen are seen in the framework of the UAE’s humanitarian approach and the desire to provide relief to the fraternal people of Yemen.

The UAE Armed Forces, operating within the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces in Yemen, play a major role in clearing areas of the Red Sea Coast from mines to protect the lives of the Yemeni people.

WAM/Hazem Hussein

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