UAE bank saver gets Dh1 million reward

Resident proves that buying lottery tickets isn’t the only way to get rich quick, but also by doing this

Salah Ah Harmoody of Emirates Islamic presents Dh1 million cash prize to Khalid Ahmed Al Marzooqi.

Dubai:  A UAE  resident just proved that buying expensive lottery tickets isn’t the only way to get rich quick, but putting money in a bank account, too.

Khalid Ahmed Al Marzooqi woke up to a surprise recently when he was informed that his bank was handing over to him Dh1 million cash.

Marzooqi is the winner of the Kunooz Savings Account draw, a promotional campaign by Emirates Islamic.

Every month, the bank holds a draw to grant either a Tesla car, Dh1 million or Dh200,000 cash prize to customers who have at least Dh5,000 savings in the bank. Daily draws are also held to give away Dh3,000 to savers who keep at least Dh1,000 in the bank.

The campaign is intended to encourage UAE consumers to open a bank account and promote the culture of saving.

“I was overwhelmed to learn that I won a cash prize of Dh1 million and could not believe it at first,” said Al Marzooqi.

The Emirati customer later confirmed that one of the reasons he decided to open an account was because he was interested in trying his luck with the bank’s monthly draw. “My experience has encouraged me to continue saving to win other prizes,” he added.

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