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UAE-based Canadian Specialist Hospital mulls expansion into Africa

Delegation led by Dr.Jose’Andrade de Lemos, Ambassador of the Republic of Angola visited Canadian Specialist Hospital to explore opportunities of building a hospital in Angola. Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH) will be conducting a thorough feasibility study in the coming months and will aim at expanding its operation into Africa. In addition to serving African, European, Arab and Asian patients, Canadian Specialist Hospital also works with the governments of United States of America, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Russia and takes care of their patients’ requirements in the UAE.

“Angola has achieved its independence in 1975; however, the country is enjoying peace for the last 13 years. Angola is emerging from 27 years of long civil war. We are rebuilding our nation to support our citizens. Many people have lost their lives and several others are still at hospitals needing good quality medical attention,” the Ambassador stated.

“Our current healthcare system is improving, however much more needs to be done. There are several people who live in Angola in need of basic healthcare facilities. That is why many people have to travel overseas to countries like Namibia, South Africa and Portugal for advanced treatment. During those journeys many lives are lost. These lives could have been saved through establishment of hospitals and specialized doctors within the country. By establishing more specialized hospitals in Angola we will be able to help thousands of people,” added the Ambassador.


“CSH will embark on its feasibility studies and we will assess all possibilities of establishing our presence in Angola. We will do everything possible to improve the living conditions of people in Angola.  Our team will be visiting the country in October to further understand the system, the available infrastructure, location and availability of the local healthcare professionals and several other parameters to get more clarity in our thought process,” said Dr. Haider Al Zubaidy, CEO of Canadian Specialist Hospital.

“Hospitals are the only means of survival for the people in Angola and we hope to add value to the citizens of the country in the near future. We cannot copy the system in UAE there in Angola.  The dynamics are completely different and we are looking at all the aspects including the country’s insurance system,” added Dr. Haider.

“Due to long lasting war there has been a lot of imbalance in healthcare sector. There is big need of doctors, because majority of the doctors are concentrated in the capital and the number of patients admitted in the hospitals is much more than the doctors can handle. Angolan government has started on a big way and programs to reinforce the capacity of health systems to deliver quality health services. However, the need for more specialized hospitals and healthcare professionals is the need of the hour.  Angolan government is open to foreign initiatives by international entities such as the Canadian Specialist Hospital to establish their presence in Angola,” concluded the Ambassador.

CSH is now an active member of the Dubai Medical Tourism (DMT) Club. As part of this esteemed club, CSH will bring together healthcare facilities of the DMT program and thereby create an environment to share experiences and promote Dubai as a Medical Tourism hub. CSH has been at the forefront of medical tourism since 2006.

The hospital has been reaccredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), the world’s largest healthcare accreditor, in recognition of the hospital’s continuing commitment to patient safety, quality and ethical practices.


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