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UAE Blossoming With the Solar Sector Booming

A fact long stated- The UAE has been buzzing the air with its prominence becoming increasingly widespread in every economic sector on the globe, nearly. A country that is home to a zillion expats and professionals flocking from various corners of the globe, the UAE has been driving the job scenario in the Gulf in an impeccable way. But, is that it?

Broadening our horizons of thought, we can easily notice that environmental awareness has been on the rise, throughout the globe. With green conscious organizations making a run to provide the safest and greenest environment, a great understanding of several issues pertaining to ecology have come under limelight. Likewise, the UAE too has come up with its own hack to the situation.

Solar Energy in the UAE

Influenced by its Gulf partners and having understood the dire need to induce environment friendly solutions, the UAE has started to make immense investments in the solar field. The country has been coming up with innovations to generate solar power at the cost of thermal energy. According to the ‘Remap 2030’ report, solar energy accounts for more than 90% of the renewable energy use in the country. Not only this, but the same has been implied on residential applications too. For instance, the building norms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have mandated energy savings, along with promoting designs that have arrangements to harness solar energy and are thoughtful towards environment protection.

Recently, the power and utility catering to various requirements in the emirate of Dubai has made a decision to invest nearly 3 billion USD, only to boost the capacity increase for the largest solar plant in the country, from 1GW to 3GW. In addition to this, a reputed energy solutions investors also made an injection of nearly 10 million USD to boost the research and development of a Dubai-based energy startup company. This quite clearly demonstrates, the increased interest shown by the regime to work towards solar energy production and use its energy resources in a judicious manner.

Employment Opportunities On The Rise

Not only has the sector been saving big bucks for corporations in their energy departments, but has been providing employment to the talented as well. According to Middle East Solar Energy Association, the sector is all set to recruit people for nearly 1000 new jobs. The growth leading to this talent demand will come from both small rooftop applications to large projects like the Solar Park in Dubai. With the UAE solar energy market moving from infancy to maturity, markets pertaining to the PV industry will be affected as well. For example, UAE based companies like Qmega is all prepared to see a growth as high as 25% in the staff, it looks forward to recruit.

With corporations getting thoughtful about the ecological imbalance and that in the job market, the talented are finding a new ray of hope to witness the best jobs and working environment on the globe. Apart from becoming one of the most followed and travelled to countries in the world, the UAE is becoming a magnet for all qualified personnel seeking a lavish professional life.


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    Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the gulf.

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