UAE Embassy warns travellers to Paris

Dubai: The UAE Embassy in Paris has issued an alert to travellers, warning Emiratis over the heavy snow that has brought the French capital to a standstill.

On Wednesday, the public transport system in Paris and surrounding regions was almost entirely shut down after 12 centimetres of snow blanketed roads and tram commuter rail lines, “and almost completely halting bus services,” according to AFP.

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On its social networking sites, the UAE Embassy in Paris said that citizens either living or visiting Paris should take precaution before venturing outdoors, due to extreme weather conditions.

In the event of an emergency, Emiratis are urged to contact the embassy immediately at +33 144 340 200. 

At Charles de Gaulle airport, officials announced over loudspeakers that all suburban train connections to Paris had been cancelled for at least several hours.

In addition, school buses were not running in several areas near Paris and other northern and central regions.  

The UK’s Met Office also said that the storm could leave the streets of Paris covered with up to 15cm of snow, which would break the record for the most snowfall in the city since 1987.


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