UAE employee on probation expected to give at least 30 days notice when resigning

I received an offer letter from a company in Dubai for a position as a technician. There is a probation period of six months, but what happens if I want to leave the job after two months? Is this possible and what happens? RA, Pakistan

I have received several letters along these lines this week. There is something of a grey area regarding resignation during a probationary period, but an employee is generally expected to give at least 30 days’ notice, though can leave sooner by mutual agreement. Under UAE Labour Law anyone who resigns within two years of starting employment with a company, or within one year if they have a certain level of qualification and salary, will receive an automatic employment ban of six months. If an employer has not yet applied for a residency visa at the time of resignation, although it would be bad practice not to have done so, a ban might not apply. It will also not apply to someone on a spouse’s or dependent’s visa. The other exception is where someone is working in a free zone and wishes to move to another company in the same free zone. A ban would not apply in that situation as the free zone is the sponsor, not the employer.

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