UAE participates in Arab meeting to discuss criminalising the paying of ransoms to terrorist groups

Mon 23-04-2018 20:18 PM

CAIRO, 23rd April, 2018 (WAM) — The UAE is participating in the 3rd meeting of the “Joint Committee of Experts and Representatives of the Ministries of Justice and Interior of Arab Countries,” which began today at the Arab League, to discuss criminalising the paying of ransoms to terrorist groups.

The UAE was represented in the two-day meeting by Brigadier Obaid Khalifa Al Shamsi and Lt. Colonel Turki Saeed Al Dhohouri, who are both representatives of the Ministry of Interior.

Fadel Jawad, Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Legal Affairs Sector at the Arab League, highlighted the importance of strengthening the legal, judicial and security cooperation between Arab countries, to face the current challenges posed by terrorism, which plagues the region and the entire world.

Jawad also noted the importance of promoting joint Arab work to face the risk posed by the availability of money to terrorist organisations, which enables them to recruit, incite, buy weapons and equipment, and develop their combat capabilities while stressing the necessity of taking firm action against the funding of terrorism and drying up its sources of finance, to counter all terrorist organisations.

Jawad explained the decision of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice and Interior, which called for the formation of a joint committee to research the issue of criminalising the paying of ransoms, through finding Arab legal basis to support such actions, which is also supported by the many decisions of the Council of the Arab League at ministerial and summit levels that rejected all forms of extortion by terrorist groups, through threatening or killing hostages or demanding a ransom to fund their terrorist actions while asserting the necessity for countries to not offer any explicit or implicit support to entities or individuals involved in terrorist acts.

WAM/Nour Salman/Tariq alfaham

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