UAE participates in ‘World Maritime Day’ in Poland

ABU DHABI, 17th June, 2018 (WAM) — The UAE participated in “World Maritime Day,” which was held in Szczecin, Poland, between 13th and 15th June, 2018, under the slogan, “Our Legacy to Achieve Better Maritime Transportation for Better Shipping.”

The event was organised by the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Internal Navigation of Poland, in cooperation with the International Maritime Organisation, IMO.

The UAE delegation was led by Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Transport Authority – Land and Maritime.

Dr. Al Nuaimi said that the UAE’s participation in the conference reflects its prominent stature in the maritime transport sector, and is part of its role as a member of the IMO, after acquiring “Grade B” membership in December 2017.

The conference discussed a range of issues related to maritime transport, including the development of smart maritime transport and how related developments will affect the maritime industry, as well as the IMO’s role in managing the shift to the smart era and promoting the use of digital technology, the internet and artificial intelligence.

The participants at the conference discussed the importance of adopting smart technology in ships through planned phases, as well as analysing its technical, operational and legal impacts before moving to the next phase.

During the conference, Dr. Al Nuaimi spoke about updating maritime education to comply with future technologies, as well as the necessity of upgrading the infrastructure of ports, to enable them to receive smart ships.

He also stressed the importance of adopting policies to integrate the efforts of developed and developing countries and reduce the economic gap between them.

The conference also discussed green shipping, which is a key achievement of the IMO and a clear commitment to reducing pollution caused by ships.

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