UAE Press: Dubai aims to be a fully inclusive community

Sun 25-03-2018 09:39 AM

ABU DHABI, 25th March, 2018 (WAM) — On Friday, at Creek Park in Dubai, there was a community gathering, one of many that no doubt take place across this nation almost every weekend. It was a time for friends and children to come together, share picnics, and take a stroll through the park to share moments and make memories, renew acquaintances with friends, and reflect on life, a UAE newspaper has said.

“But Friday’s gathering also offered an opportunity for all there to reflect on Down Syndrome, and the way the condition had changed their lives and shown the special challenges faced by their children,” said Gulf News in an editorial on Sunday.

The event was organised by Asateer Events in partnership with Dubai Municipality and also marked the occasion of International Down Syndrome Day, which is held on March 21st. However, to enlist wider participation from the community, the day was observed in Dubai on a Friday, a weekend for most residents.

“Down syndrome is a condition where a child is born with an extra copy of a particular chromosome, leading to delays and difficulties in physical and mental development,” said the paper.

It continued, “What is significant is that the event also highlighted the fact that Dubai aims to be a fully inclusive community by 2020. That means the emirate has pledged to ensure that all its facilities and services will be aligned with the needs of both ordinary and special-needs users alike in a seamless and largely invisible capacity. It’s a very necessary goal. As one walks through certain areas of the city, it becomes quite obvious that the physical infrastructure and older builders fail to meet some of the most basic mobility needs.”

“Dubai has always been an exemplar when it comes to ensuring seamless mobility for one an all and there is no doubt that this latest initiative will also be pursed in right earnest to meet the challenges. And there is work and effort needed across the board,” concluded the Dubai-based daily.

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