UAE Press: World needs to combat human trafficking

ABU DHABI, 9th January, 2019 (WAM) — A new UN report has indicated that human trafficking is on the rise and taking on horrific dimensions, with sexual exploitation of victims the main driver. The matter is too serious to be ignored by the world community, which needs to step up efforts to protect children, women and men, especially migrants, who fall prey to traffickers.

“What adds to the horrendous nature of the crime is the fact that children now account for 30 per cent of those being trafficked, and far more girls are detected than boys,” said The Gulf Today in an editorial on Wednesday.

It added, “The fact that the study from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime draws on information from as many as 142 countries shows how exhaustive the exercise has been and highlights the need for more effective corrective measures.

“It’s heartrending to note that many victims are also subjected to crimes such as organ removal. The report has highlighted 100 cases of organ removal over the period 2014-17.”

The paper went on to say that “evidence of traffickers colluding with medical professionals, relying on corrupt and fraudulent practices, is another angle that needs to be addressed. No one involved in such inhuman crimes should be spared.”

The UAE, the editorial stated, deserves praise for its achievements in combating human trafficking, not only at the local level but also providing support and expertise for many concerned countries. “The UAE spares no efforts in promoting cooperation with several countries, which is essential to combatting this cross-border crime.

“The country has put in place strong and effective laws and security system to combat human trafficking and this has helped a lot.”

In a single crime of human trafficking there could be up to 5 countries involved, Colonel Dr. Sultan Hamid Al Jamal, Director of the Dubai Police Human Trafficking Control Centre, once explained. “This starts from the victim’s original country, the country of the passport they were given, the country they pass through, the country of their final destination and finally the country of the traffickers.”

The Sharjah-based daily concluded by saying that trafficking in persons is an abominable crime that feeds on inequalities and conflict. “The heartless traffickers profit from peoples’ hopes and despair. Sadly, women and children are particularly vulnerable.

“There should be zero tolerance towards human traffickers. They should be forced to face justice.”

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