UAE schools welcome new teachers from around the world

Dubai: Schools in the UAE have been busy making new teaching staff welcome ahead of the start of the new academic year next week.

On Sunday, GEMS Education, the biggest private school group in the UAE, welcomed more than 1,500 new teachers from around the world to its network of schools during ‘GEMS Awareness Day’. The annual event is a platform for information exchange and an opportunity for new staff to hear from GEMS Education’s senior leadership team and educationalists, while also learning more about the UAE and its culture and customs.

Among the event’s wide range of focal areas was ‘Moral Education’, one of the top priorities of the UAE government, in addition to Arabic and Islamic Studies, with related sessions offering new teachers insights into each topic. Sessions also covered the UAE’s culture and history.

GEMS Education founder Sunny Varkey welcomed new teaching staff during GEMS Awareness Day, saying: “We are honoured and privileged that you have chosen to progress your careers as an integral part of GEMS Education. Your passion for teaching will inspire passion for learning in our students, each motivating and rewarding the other. And by developing this fruitful relationship, we can achieve great things.”

Also speaking at the event, Dino Varkey, CEO of GEMS Education, said: “GEMS Education’s core philosophy is to ensure that every child gets access to quality education and we discover the genius in every child. We believe that through education we can challenge all the problems which exist in the world. We are privileged to have these great educators join us and I wish them all the best in their future careers with GEMS Education.”

Induction day

At Taaleem, one of the largest education providers in the UAE with around 9,000 students in 10 schools, some 230 new teachers and learning assistants are being welcomed by its CEO Ros Marshall and other senior leaders of the institution.

Taaleem, which means ‘education’ in Arabic, will also be hosting a group-wide ‘Induction Day’ for around 1,000 staff — new and existing — at Raha International School on Tuesday.

Many of the talks on Induction Day will focus on: ‘Know your Students’, ‘Know your Curriculum’, ‘Positivity and Wellbeing’.

Taaleem is also looking to use the occasions to celebrate last year’s achievements and share expectations for the new academic year.

Speaking about the induction and welcoming ceremonies for new staff, Clive Pierrepont, director of communications at Taaleem, said: “This allows new colleagues to meet with their counterparts in different Taaleem schools, and exchange ideas and best practice, as well as plan for the many inter-Taaleem school competitions and celebrations held each year in Arabic language, Islamic Education, Maths, Science, Sports, and the Performing Arts.”

He added: “We are also proud to also be acknowledging many of our long-serving staff that have completed 10 years’ service with the company, including two married couples this year from two different schools.

“Taaleem has always placed high importance on the induction of new staff, as the more settled and informed they feel before term starts, the quicker they will focus on their students. Consequently, all new teachers arrived in early August before Eid Al Adha, and have spent several days in their respective schools learning about the UAE National Agenda priorities and school plans, as well as settling into their Taaleem-provided accommodation.”

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