UAE stores must charge shoppers for price of items as tagged

I was recently shopping in a large supermarket and picked up a number of items with reasonable prices. But at the cashier, I noticed that when the items were scanned they went through the till at a much higher price. I queried the prices and the cashier just said the labels were wrong, so what is the legal position here? Surely a store cannot just change the prices? MG, Dubai

A store in the UAE is obliged to display a price in UAE dirhams, and this should be accurate. According to Federal Law No 24 of 2006, businesses must ensure that advertising or labelling is not misleading and items offered for sale must be priced accurately. This makes it clear that the price offered and the price charged for an item must be the same. The consumer should be offered an item at the advertised price and any stores that contravene these laws can be reported to the consumer protection section of the Department of Economic Development with supporting evidence. Methods of contact are through email at or by telephone at 600 545 555.

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