UAE submits notes to UN on Qatar’s interception of aircraft

Thu 18-01-2018 13:54 PM

ABU DHABI, 18th January, 2018 (WAM) — The UAE has submitted a note to the President of the UN Security Council and the President of the United Nations General Assembly, in accordance with the provisions of the UN Charter, following Qatar’s threat to the lives of civilians through its interception of two UAE aircraft on a routine flight to Bahrain via internationally accredited airlines, and with all necessary approvals and permits.

The note states the UAE view that this was irresponsible behaviour by the State of Qatar and an unjustifiable escalation and threat to the safety of civil flights in contravention of the applicable rules of international law, as well as endangering international peace and security in the region.

The UAE requested that this document be registered amongst the official documents of both the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The United Arab Emirates has also sent two similar memoranda to the Secretary-General of the Arab League and the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, requesting that they be circulated to the member countries of both organisations as official documents.

WAM/Esraa Ismail

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