UAE warning out against swerving drivers

Dubai: UAE authorities are again stepping up their campaign to promote awareness on the dangers of sudden swerving on major highways.

According to Abu Dhabi Police this week, motorists changing lanes without warning, which is punishable by law with a hefty fine, is now the second-biggest cause of traffic accidents in the UAE capital.

Last year (2017) alone, swerving drivers ranked second among the causes of road mishaps in Abu Dhabi, accounting for 14 per cent of accidents.

Swerving motorists can face a fine of Dh1,000, according to the updated list of penalties for traffic offences.

The Abu Dhabi police said they are beefing up efforts to promote road safety and are calling on drivers to always pay attention, focus and observe the road while behind the wheel.

abu dhabi police

It is crucial that motorists avoid using their phone while driving,  and that they use light signals and maintain a safe distance from other motor vehicles when switching lanes, the police added.

In Dubai, sudden swerving was cited as the number one cause of fatalities on roads this year, resulting in 23 deaths so far, according to a police official in July.

Dubai Police statistics showed that from January to June this year, 76 people  were killed and 884 others were injured in 1,250 traffic accidents.

According to Abu Dhabi Police, sudden swerving on roads is caused by a number of reasons, including accidents, failure of motorists to leave enough distance between vehicles, lack of attention while driving, exceeding the speed limit, negligence and lack of attention, and driver fatigue.

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