UAE warns Emirati travellers on credit card fraud abroad

Dubai: Credit card fraud can turn your relaxing vacation into a nightmare.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFA), and Abu Dhabi Police, have warned residents to take extra precautions when travelling abroad, especially when shopping online or withdrawing cash from ATMs.

During the summer holidays, residents should not disclose their passwords or credit card details to retailers while shopping at malls.

Holiday goers were also advised to use a bank card with limited card so that they are not subjected to drastic consequences.

Colonel Omran Ahmad Al Mazrouei, Director of Criminal Investigations Department in the security department at Abu Dhabi Police, cautioned passengers against credit card fraud.

“People have to be warned that their bank details can be retrieved by hackers through the internet. During the summer holiday, the number of victims targeted by hackers rise as not enough preventive measures are taken,” said Col Al Mazrouei.

Travellers were also urged not to shop online and to only visit secure websites that are encrypted with “https” on its pages.  

Lost UAE passports

Rashid Ali Al Dhaheri, Director of Nationals’ Affairs at MoFA, said that in the event of loss, theft, damage or expiry of passport while abroad, the ministry can issue an emergency passport from any one of its embassies or official missions abroad.

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