UAE weather to get hotter despite 50 km/h winds

Dubai: The strong winds blowing across the UAE will hardly bring any respite to residents from the sweltering summer heat.

On Thursday, the weather bureau warned motorists to take caution as strong gales of winds picked up sand and dust that brought road visibility to 300 metres over Al Minhad. 

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Weather forecasters issued a yellow alert about strong southeasterly to northeasterly winds, which will blow clouds of dust across the country and reduce visibility down to 1500 metres up until 9pm.

The pink colour indicates dust locations. As pink colour gets darker, dust density increases. Source: NCM

Wind speeds will range from 16-32 km/h, and may reach as high as 50 km/h at times, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). 

In its daily weather forecast, the NCM said that the temperature will “increase in general”, although the eastern coast will witness a slight dip with a chance of some rain clouds forming by the afternoon. 

Over the next two days, the weather will continue to rise as temperatures touch 48C and the level of humidity rises up to 90 per cent in coastal areas and 70 per cent in internal areas. 

“The relative humidity will increase by night and the early morning over some western internal and coastal areas, with fog formation,” said the NCM.

The sea will be rough in the Arabian Gulf and in the Oman Sea. 

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