UAE will always stand by Yemen

ABU DHABI, 6th January 2018 (WAM) – Emirates Red Crescent provides humanitarian relief and assistance as part of the country’s long-standing commitment to reach out to our Arab brothers, said a UAE newspaper.

The English language daily ‘Gulf News’ opened its editorial today by saying: For almost three years now, the people of the Shabwa Governorate of Yemen have endured misery and deprivation while enduring the wrath and rule of Al Houthi rebels.

The rebels have seized power, overthrowing the legitimate and internationally recognised government of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and in the process thrown our Arab brothers into an abyss of violence and uncertainty. It’s a situation that the global community has not let go without action, and Saudi Arabia is leading an international coalition of partners one in which the UAE is proud to be a full member acting on a series of United Nations Security Council resolutions to restore the legitimate and rightful government of Yemen.

The challenge has been a difficult one, but the UAE will neither abandon its Arab brothers there, nor will it and the other coalition partners allow the nation to become a hegemony of Tehran through its Al Houthi minions. And once the fighting is done and peace won, Yemen will be rebuilt, it will be ensured that its schools and hospitals function for the benefit of all, its roads and infrastructure modernised, and its power and water supplies upgraded to endure all Yemenis can have a stable and secure future.

The UAE and other Arab partners are committed to rebuilding Yemen in the long term. In the short term, it is important to ensure that Yemenis who now live in liberated areas receive the medical aid and humanitarian assistance that have been denied to them during the vacuous rule under Al Houthi gangs. The total aid provided to Yemen between April 2015 and November 2017 by the UAE reached Dh9.4 billion.

Emirates Red Crescent’s urgent intervention comes as part of the long-standing commitment of the UAE to provide humanitarian relief, medical assistance, immediate aid, shelter and development to the people of Yemen.

This sad state of affairs in Yemen has been created by Al Houthis and their illegal acts, and the ensuing violence and chaos has been exacerbated by Iran’s arming, training and providing weapons and missiles to the clan.

That the UN has given its blessing shows that the restoration of the government of Hadi is just, and the job now needs to be completed. That will entail more months of hardship for Yemenis living under the militias’ rule. The UAE, however, will be there to the end, making sure the needs of every Arab brother is met and providing aid and relief to all.

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