• Dermal fillers and injectables administered by unqualified physicians cause significant complications for patients.
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Dubai launching ‘Certification in Advanced Injectables’
  • A4M Dubai advocates for administration of these medical devices by qualified and trained medical professionals.

April 2016 (Dubai, UAE): According to the Global Cosmetic Surgery & Services Market Analysis 2015 – 2019 report, the global aesthetic industry (surgical and nonsurgical procedures) is currently worth over $20 billion and is set to rise to over $27 billion by 2019. Nonsurgical treatments (comprising of injectable products, energy based devices and active cosmetics) are projected to have higher growth in revenue and number of procedures to be performed – reported by Global Dermal Facial Fillers Market 2015 – 2019.

Three top factors contributing to this growth are easy access to medical clinics offering nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, the influence of celebrities (‘Kardashian effect’) and social media (‘Selfie Mania’). The cumulative result of these factors is seen not only as an increase in the number of patients, but the age of patients undergoing aesthetic procedures is also getting younger – often starting as young as 25 years and even teens in many cases.

Dr Malcolm Paul (MD, FACS), top US Plastic Surgeon consulting in Dubai says, “One of the most alarming trends is the commoditization of medical aesthetic procedures. Looking at surgical or nonsurgical services like Botox, dermal filler, body contouring or even hair removal on discount websites is extremely disturbing. This runs the risk of de-medicalizing what truly are medical procedures that should be administered in a controlled environment by a highly trained healthcare professional.”

The appeal of higher business profitability and availability of patients willing to avail these services makes medical aesthetics a productive service to include. Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers, which may be perceived as simple procedures should be exclusively administered by physicians. Although the UAE regulatory authorities have set up guidelines for all medical aesthetic procedures, patients are at risk due to the lack of clinical training and expertise of the aesthetic physician performing the procedure.

A4M Dubai is the first accredited academic entity in the region dedicated to the continuous professional development of medical doctors and healthcare practitioners in the field of anti-aging medicine including cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic surgery, preventive, integrative, metabolic and functional medicine.

With the aim to set international clinical standards in medical aesthetics (particularly injectables), A4M Dubai announces the launch of ‘Certification in Advanced Injectables’, the first and only course in the region for aesthetic physicians that offers a comprehensive review of the science, anatomy, pharmacology and techniques for achieving facial symmetry when working with injectables.

The 56 hour program will include 4 days of practical training, demonstrations and practice with live patients in a clinical environment as well as 24-hours of online theory. It will allow physicians to learn standardized injection techniques, review latest medical evidence and respect safety protocols while administering injectables for facial rejuvenation and enhancement. The latest certification comes in addition to the long standing Fellowship Program which was established in 2007 and remains one of the highest credentials in aesthetic medicine available today.

Dr Maria Khattar, MD, PhD, MSc Dermatology and Clinical Director of the Institute of Medical Aesthetics (IMA) adds, “The certification was created to meet the needs of physicians wanting to specialize in aesthetic medicine and more specifically injections. Despite the popularity of aesthetic medicine across different age segment this sub-specialty remains neglected in the university curriculums at medical school.”

This new course represents the latest credential, which dedicated highly educated physicians must add to their academic profile if they are running an aesthetic medical practice. Newly certified physicians will undoubtedly come out of the training equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the latest protocols in injectables and the precautions to consider. It will allow them to address the patients’ expectations more effectively and minimize risks or possible complications.”

Dr Malcolm Paul, named among Top 10 US Plastic Surgeons, will be joining as teaching faculty of A4M Dubai. This latest appointment comes in addition to the multiple leadership positions he has held in universities and plastic surgery organizations in the United States as well as internationally.

Course details

Course name  : Certification in Advanced Injectables

Date                : 14 to 17 May, 2016 (4 days)

Location          : Institute of Medical Aesthetics (IMA) – Healthcare City, Dubai

The certification consists of 3 modules (2 live practical training and 1 online module) and will cover the use of:

  • Soft tissue dermal fillers for face and hands with Hyaluronic Acid and bio-stimulant compounds
  • Botulinum toxin (BTX) Type A for face and Hyperhidrosis
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for facial rejuvenation
  • PDO Threads (Polydioxanone ) for skin lifting
  • Injection lipolysis & Carboxytherapy for slimming down excess fat.

For further information please visit http://www.imadubai.com/courses

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