‘US committed to Kuwait’s security’

We will work with government and private sector to foster entrepreneurship, US ambassador vows

Manama: The US has reiterated its commitment to Kuwait’s security and its contribution to the enhancement of the capabilities of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces to defend their country

“We will share information in ways that strengthen our security. We will work to develop new avenues to increase trade and investment and consult on the best means to enhance the environment for business and investment in Kuwait,” US Ambassador to Kuwait Lawrence R. Silverman has said.

“Our peoples are safer as a result of our close cooperation on defence and security, including the joint effort to stop terrorism and terrorist financing,” the ambassador said on Wednesday in a statement to congratulate the government and people of Kuwait on the 57th anniversary of independence and the 27th anniversary of liberation.

“On this anniversary of your independence and liberation, we congratulate the Kuwaiti authorities and the Kuwaiti people on what Kuwait has become: a significant contributor to diplomacy and stability in a region facing great challenges, and a humanitarian leader far beyond its borders. For the next two years, Kuwait has the opportunity to exercise its diplomatic leadership as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council,” Silverman said.

The diplomat who arrived in the northern Arabian Gulf country in 2016 said that the US was “honoured to have built a deep-rooted relationship with Kuwait that has grown stronger from independence, through liberation, to today.”

The past year has been a productive one for US-Kuwait relations, highlighted by the visit of the Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah to the White House and the second successful US-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue, he added.

“These meetings opened new channels of cooperation on security, trade, investment and education. We both benefit from what has been the most enduring of US-Kuwait ties since your independence: education. We are working to increase the already high number of Kuwaitis studying in the United States and the number of exchanges between US and Kuwaiti academic and research institutions,” he said.

The US will work with the government and with the private sector to foster entrepreneurship, he added.

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