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vegetable based water soluble oils – MILLTECH fze. UAE.

Supplied by MILLTECH fze. in UAE.

hrough its innovations, CONDAT offers solutions that are more neutral for users and the environment, while guaranteeing high performance, to deliver gains.

Soluble oils for machining based on synthetic esters of vegetable origin, as micro-emulsions, semi-synthetic or fine emulsions, the MECAGREEN range of water-soluble coolant lubricants is intended for machining by removal of swarf or abrasion operations. The range is in the form of water-soluble concentrates.

  • All types of machining by metal removal
  • All types of grinding
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Specific offer for aeronautical alloys
Product benefits

High performance and a reduction in overall costs

The innovative chemistry of the MECAGREEN range provides considerable benefits:

  • High performance and a reduction in overall costs. The MECAGREEN range of cutting fluids allows for gains of 20 % in lifetime for tools, compared with mineral-based soluble oils
  • Consumption gains: reduction of your consumption of the order of 30 to 45%, compared with the use of a traditional mineral-based soluble oil
  • Clean machines : the drainage speed and transparent colour allow for better visibility
  • Long lifetime for soluble oil baths
  • For soft or hard water
  • Protection against corrosion between operations
  • Shelf life of 12 months


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