Video clip helps Saudi police arrest men wanted for assault

Woman was able to capture three men who beat another man on the Al Hijrah walkway in Madinah

Manama: A video clip taken by a woman who was at Al Hijrah Walkway in Madinah on Wednesday showing three young men with dogs beating a man has gone viral on social media.

In the clip, onlookers looked disturbed by the attack but did not attempt to rescue the victim or reprimand the attackers.

Since the clip gained traction in the past two days, police were able to track down and arrest the three men.

Social media users called for authorities to exercise maximum punishment against the aggressors.

They also called for honouring the woman who filmed the attack which was key to helping police track down the perpetrators.

“I saw excessive brutality from the young people as they beat up the victim,” Om Nawaf said, quoted by Saudi news site Sabq on Friday.

“I was not seeking fame or any kind of publicity with the video. For me, the whole issue is over, especially after the police identified and arrested them.”

Several media users called for a better monitoring of the walkway area which is popular amongst residents.





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