Viral: These Indians in Abu Dhabi are donating to Pakistan dam funds

Dubai: A 30-second clip of two Indian men donating money to the dam funds in Pakistan has gone viral online.

Earlier this week, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had asked Pakistanis to contribute to a fund dedicated to building the Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand dams and while many Pakistani celebrities and businessmen contributed generously to the funds, a video of two Indian workers pitching in seems to have struck a chord.

In the viral video, two men who identify themselves as Indians, say they are contributing money to the dam funds in Pakistan. The video was shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and posted by various YouTube channels and has received thousands of views.

The video was shot by Uzair Khalid, the manager of a restaurant in Abu Dhabi, who said he had made the video just for fun.

Speaking to Gulf News, he said: “At the restaurant, we have staff from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. We live here, eat together and stick with each other in good times and bad. For example, one of our brothers died recently and every month each one of us contributes money to send to his family in Pakistan. Similarly, I told the guys to pitch in for the dam funds and our Indian brothers said they wanted to contribute as well. We just made the video for fun, but I can see that there are a lot of positive reviews from people.”

Twitter user, Wisal Khan, posted the video and wrote: “Indians donating for #DamsFund”.

Tweep @Hafffsa added: “People like these young men of wisdom will change this region and bring peace here.”

Writing in Urdu, another Twitter user @TahiraKaleem43 commended the humanity and friendship shown by the Indians.

Facebook user Dani Khan added: “That’s how people in the UAE live, with love for each other. They help each other out, it is just the politics in the two countries which makes people fight.”

Speaking to Gulf News, Khalid also spoke about how he and his colleagues were planning to donate to the Kerala floods and added that many people from Pakistan had donated to Kerala relief efforts.

“What you hear about India and Pakistan is just on the news. Here, we live like brothers. We have been working together for three or four years and help each other all the time.”

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