Visitor critical after double suicide attempt in Dubai

30-year-old’s first attempt to hang fails as rope breaks and then he jumps from fourth floor to land on a car

Dubai: A man who failed to land a job while on a visit visa in Dubai ended up in a critical situation on a hospital bed following two unsuccessful attempts to commit suicide on Monday.

The 30-year-old Asian man first tried to hang himself, but the rope broke. Then, he jumped from the window on the fourth floor of a building and landed on a car, Dubai Police told Gulf News.

Brigadier Abdullah Khadim Surour, director of Bur Dubai Police station, said on Monday morning they were alerted about the attempted suicide of a man who jumped from a building in Al Khail Gate community.

“He is suffering serious injuries and recovering in hospital after he landed on a car parked under the window. He tried to commit suicide twice. In the beginning he hanged himself but the rope broke and then he jumped from the window,” Brigadier Surour said.

Police said the man came on a visit visa looking for a job here and was staying with his brother in the apartment.

“He couldn’t find a job and his visa finished, so he decided to commit suicide,” he added.

Neighbours in the building in phase two of the community said they heard the loud sound of the man crashing on to the car at around 9.30am.

“I looked out of the window after hearing the noise. I was shocked to see that a man had fallen onto a car,” said an Indian woman who lives in the building. She said the man was screaming in pain.

Another woman said she saw one man coming down to the spot and crying for help. They said the ambulance and police team reached the spot within minutes and rushed him to the hospital.

The police cordoned off the parking lot where the incident took place for a few hours. The car onto which the man fell was partially damaged.

Residents said they were shocked and saddened at the suicide attempt that happened on a Christmas morning.

“There is Christmas celebration going on in the neighbourhood and it is very sad that someone staying here tried to end his life,” said one of them.

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