Warm up properly, doctors advise football fans

Muscle-related problems are common among football players, especially pulled or over-stretched muscles

Dubai: Don’t overexert during your sports matches and local tournaments this weekend and make sure to warm up properly before the game, a doctor has warned.

With the football World Cup fever gripping most UAE residents, a doctor has advised residents to take precautionary measures to avoid injuries if they are planning to play matches. The most common football injury to watch out for among children and adults are knee and shoulder injuries.

Dr Paolo Cellocco, head of the department and specialist orthopaedic surgeon at Canadian Specialist Hospital, said the majority of the sports injury cases his team comes across are either due to football or basketball.

“The injuries usually occur due to ignorance and lack of preparation. Players who are not regularly working to stay in shape are most likely to develop an injury or a cramp due to sudden intense activity,” Dr Cellocco said.

“In order to avoid such issues, players need to prepare their bodies prior to the match, warm up well and stay hydrated. The key is to warm up properly and maintain a decent stretch between the sessions to avoid straining of the muscles,” he added.

Muscle-related problem such as over-stretched or pulled muscles are the most common problems observed among recreational players. The areas that are at a higher risk of being strained are hamstrings, groin, back and calf muscles.

To prevent a muscle pull, players are recommended to keep their muscles strong by engaging in regular exercise and learning proper sports techniques to decrease muscle stress.

Besides muscle-related problems, football players are likely to experience foot and ankle injuries, shoulder dislocation or ligament tear, fractures in thigh or shin bones and cartilage or ligament tear in the knee. Such cases would require immediate medical attention and proper treatment.

“Delayed visit to the doctor will have adverse effects on the patient’s body. Injuries left untreated take longer to heal and have lingering pain,” he said.

“We advise all sports enthusiasts, children and adults, to not overlook any small injuries or joint pain and seek medical assistant at the earliest. Moreover, patients who are above the age of 35 may take longer to recover from their injuries. However, with the right treatment and proper care, most injuries can be treated and the patients can continue playing sports after recovery,” he added.

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