Watch: 9-year-old drives train in Egypt

Train conductor has been suspending from work pending an investigation into the incident which endangered the lives of passengers

Dubai: A train conductor in Egypt has been suspended from work pending an investigation after a video emerged on social media showing his 9-year-old son driving the train.

Online users blasted the man for his poor judgement and for endangering the lives of passengers by the reckless act.

During the trip, one of the passengers noticed the train was moving irregularly and opened the conductor’s cabin where he saw the young boy driving.

The father claimed to be training his son and said that doing so was not against the law.

However, after the incident authorities issued a memorandum prohibiting drivers from allowing any children inside the conductor cabin.

Just last week, a train detailed off the tracks in Giza wounding at least 55 people. Egypt’s railway system has a poor safety record, mostly blamed on decades of badly maintained equipment and poor management.

Figures by Egypt’s official statistics agency show that 1,793 train accidents took place in 2017.

-With inputs from Layelle Saad, GCC/Middle East Editor

-Hams is a freelance journalist based in the UAE



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