Watch: How police, civil defence rescue motorists

Dubai: Residents took to social networking sites to post online videos of police and civil defence officers in action.

The heavy rain on Sunday affected cities and villages in the coastal and eastern region, especially in Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. 

A montage of events, posted online by the Arabic news website Akhbar Al Dar, said that social media users praised the efforts of emergency responders in Fujairah and Kalba as they assisted residents in different parts of the country during the heavy rain.

In the video, viewers can see cars stuck in the middle of waterlogged roads, SUVs had to be pushed out of wadis, while some had to pulled out of the ditches with a rope. 

One police officer was also was able to push a pick-up truck out of the flooded road all by himself. In the video, you can see the police officer smiling as the truck driver moves away. 

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