Watch: This new Dubai interchange will help you to avoid Salik

New Dubai project to open on September 15 for Dubai-bound motorists who want to avoid Salik toll gate

Dubai: A new interchange on Shaikh Zayed Road will be completed in September, providing motorists with the necessary route to avoid the new Salik toll gate.

On Wednesday, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai confirmed that it will open a Salik gate in Jebel Ali from October 24, and will be located near the Red Line’s Energy Metro station – between the Ibn Battuta and Danube stations.

The toll gate aims to divert traffic to Yalayis road and other parallel freeways.

Motorists driving from Abu Dhabi into Dubai will be able to use an alternative route and avoid the toll gate once the seventh interchange opens on September 15. Meanwhile, drivers heading from Dubai can use Al Khail Road to avoid all three toll gates on Shaikh Zayed Road. 

“The improvement of interchange no.7 between Shaikh Zayed Road and Al Yalayis Road will enhance the link between Shaikh Zayed Road, Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road. It will ease the traffic flow on Shaikh Zayed Road by diverting the traffic inbound from Jebel Ali on the Shaikh Zayed Road to Al Yalayis Road and on to Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road,” said the RTA.

The new interchange will also boost business and movement of goods from and to Jebel Ali Port, in addition to increasing the capacity of Al Yalayis Road to almost 10,000 vehicles per hour per direction, cutting short the transit time to as low as four minutes. 

The project will encompass the construction of a bridge of four lanes branching out to Al Yalayis Road into two bridges of two lanes each. The first one is bound to Jebel Ali and the other one leads to Dubal Road and from there, to the Jebel Ali Free Zone and Port.

The project is further set to improve the right side turn from Jebel Ali to offer three lanes stretching out of the Shaikh Zayed Road to Al Yalayis Road in the east, and two lanes from Al Yalayis Road to Shaikh Zayed Road in the direction of Dubai.

“It also includes the construction of two lanes in the direction of Shaikh Zayed Road and on to Dubal Road,” said the RTA.

The project also consists of improving the light signals at gate number one and two at Jebel Ali Port, and the construction of another bridge of two lanes to serve the traffic inbound from Dubal Street in Jebel Ali Free Zone and Port, crossing over Shaikh Zayed Road in the direction of Al Yalayis Road eastward. 

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