Watch: UAE minister posts duck video with a message

The Minister of Interior posted a video on Twitter about co-existence, and UAE social media users loved it

Dubai: Sometimes, all people need for a sober wake-up call is to merely look at the coexistence of animals in society.

Lt-General Shaikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, posted an amusing video on his official Twitter account about ducks crossing the road.

But the video has a stern message to it.

Shaikh Saif pointed out that while the ducks were able to succeed in living with its surrounding environment, some people are still unable to coexist in society due to their deviant behaviour. 

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Interior launched the #Tolerance_ Conference_2018 to address the legal, political, religious, cultural, economic and social aspects of extremism.

The efforts to maintain a harmonious existence between the public also extended to the more mundane aspects of society, such as traffic awareness campaigns.

In its yearlong campaigns, the ministry also focused on educating motorists on how to stop at traffic lights and how to enter roundabouts

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