Why Dubai Police will confiscate cars from homes

Dubai: Breaking traffic rules can lead to serious consequences, and now, that means your car will also be impounded from your home. 

Previously, motorists who broke traffic rules such as street racing, jumping a red light or accumulating an overwhelming amount of traffic fines, had to leave their vehicles at home as part of Dubai Police’s Smart Impound system.

•  Smart system helps seize 18,640 cars in Abu Dhabi
•  Dubai Police to facilitate home impoundment of cars
•  368 cars impounded in Sharjah for this offence

The Smart Impound system, which was rolled out last October, meant that motorists could leave their cars in their own premises instead of the impound yard.

The confiscated cars were then fitted with a GPS device that could track the vehicle’s movement – ensuring that owners are not driving it around. 

However, the Smart Impound system is no longer in its trial phase.

If motorists insist on taking their vehicles out for a drive despite having the GPS installed, Dubai Police will now start confiscating the cars.

According to Dubai Police, 1,200 vehicles were impounded in people’s homes since last November. 

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