Winter camps offered to Dubai government employees

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has offered winter camps to government departments to entertain and delight their employees, the civic body said on Tuesday.

The temporary winter camps that are popular among Emirati families have also been allocated to government departments in Dubai interested in setting up the camps in Al Aweer area, a senior official said in a press release.

“Dubai Municipality is keen to provide its employees with winter camps with high standards and equipped with all the needs and requirements in order to entertain their employees, reduce work pressures and create an environment conducive to brainstorming sessions,” said Abdullah Al Shezawi, director of Building Control Department at Dubai Municipality.

He said the civic body has started handing over the winter camps to the citizens who applied for them in October this year, marking the beginning of the sixth season. The camps will be in operation for six months ending April 2019.

He said the permitted area does not exceed 400 square meters per camp, and to facilitate large families, the Municipality has allowed the possibility of booking maximum two camps per person and also allowed the camps to be combined.

The official appealed to the temporary winter camp owners to preserve the wild environment and abide by the conditions and laws of the camps and to report any negative incidents.

Al Shezawi said that this community initiative reflects the customs and traditions of the UAE society as one of the habits practised by citizens in the winter on an annual basis and helps to strengthen the cohesion and consolidation of the UAE family.

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