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Wisoft Solutions expands into Digital Marketing vertical

Dubai, UAE, April 28, 2016

Dubai – Wisoft Solutions is all set to launch its New Website today on the World Wide Web. The latest website is designed to broadcast the fact that Wisoft solutions is expanding their area of expertise from SMS communication Services to a full-fledged Digital and SMS Marketing and communications Agency. According to Saji Nair, CEO, Wisoft Solutions “Since Wisoft started as a Mobile Marketing and messaging firm and helping 100’s of clients to promote their products and services using the powerful mobile medium, we have always been thinking about launching other varied services that would help clients to generate more leads and customers. That’s when the idea of launching the entire gamut of digital marketing services came across. As more and more people are getting online, internet marketing services are the best way to help the clients to reach out to targeted customers and also help them gauge effectively their ROI’s.”

The latest website is more engaging and interactive and completely user-friendly. They have gone all out and included some amazing features like free site analysis and free consultation. These features were included to bring familiarity and ease to the clients who would want to anonymously do a site analysis. The digital marketing services included are vast and numerous with a thoroughly sort after digital marketing plan. Wisoft was always known for their best and on-time customer service and that definitely is a plus for them when expanding the horizon of their services. The trust their existing clients place on Wisoft solutions is what has actually prompted them to take the risk to expand in this highly competitive industry says, Sangeetha, Managing Partner and Director of Operations, Wisoft Solutions.

“To simply put it, they would like Wisoft to be one of the leading Digital marketing and communications solutions firm globally. They have planned to set up offices across potential markets globally” Says Saji is his dream and vision for the future of his prized company. To aid this dream he has made sure that the digital marketing team at Wisoft Solutions is a well sort out mix of professionals who are with ace and pace with the growing trends and concept of the trade. So now if anyone needs a digital and communication partner for their firm with a perfect reputation for customer service,  know where to head. Check out this much sort out website at

About Wisoft Solutions

Wisoft Solutions is a digital and SMS marketing and communication services company headquartered in Dubai. Founded in 2010, Wisoft Solutions offers industry-latest digital marketing, communications and branding services that can reposition their brand at the forefront of the business landscape. Positioned as one of the leading advertising companies in Dubai, they exploit every powerful medium of technology such as smartphones and the internet to offer top notch branding and digital marketing services. Wisoft Solutions caters to brands, media agencies and enterprises in the Middle East, North Africa region (MENA) and world-wide by offering the best advertising and marketing solutions and services.



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