With support of UAE Armed Forces, Yemeni National Resistance forces take control of strategic mountain range, Houthi positions

Fri 04-05-2018 23:21 PM

YEMEN, 4th May 2018 (WAM) – The Yemeni National Resistance Forces, led by Brigadier Tariq Muhammad Abdullah Saleh and supported by the UAE Armed Forces, took control of a strategic mountain range and Houthi positions at the Mocha-Al Barh intersection, cutting off vital supply lines for the militias.

The National Resistance forces inflicted heavy losses in equipment and personnel among the Houthis and took control of a strategic mountain range on the Mocha-Al Barh intersection, in an operation backed by the Arab Coalition’s fighter jets.

The Arab Coalition jet fighters also launched airstrikes against the Houthi positions in Mawza and Al Marir district. The air strikes led to the destruction of military vehicles, killing dozens of the Houthi militia fighters.

A source at the Yemeni National Resistance said that the forces continued their advance, seizing several areas from the Iranian-backed Houthi forces and cutting off their supply lines at the strategic Mocha-Al Barh intersection.

“The countdown for the battle to liberate the remaining Houthi-controlled districts of the Western Coast has begun,” he added.

WAM/Hassan Bashir

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