With the support of the UAE Armed Forces, Yemeni giant’s brigade take full control on Al Mocha intersection, cleans pockets of Houthi militias

Sun 06-05-2018 18:58 PM

by Ahmed Al Nuaimi YEMEN, 6th May, 2018 (WAM) — With the support of the UAE Armed Forces, the Yemeni Brigade al-‘Amalaqah  (Arabic for Giants) forces have taken full control of Al Mocha intersection in the west of Taiz.

They have also succeeded in cleaning the pockets of the Houthi militias as well as taking control of mountains overlooking the main road where the snipers of the Houthi militias were stationed at the Black Tabbah, with the support of the Yemeni National Resistance and the “Tahamiya ” Forces. A number Houthi militants were killed and they also suffered heavy losses in equipment.

The Yemeni giant’s brigade is advancing towards Al Barah Junction, which is the gateway to the military operations towards Taiz from the western direction. When liberated, Al Barah junction will cut military supply lines of the militias between Al-Barah and Maqbanah area.

Meanwhile, the Arab coalition fighter jets launched air strikes on the assemblies and locations of the Iranian Houthi militias in the Red Sea Coast which resulted in the destruction of a large number of military equipment and reinforcements of the militias as well as the killing of dozens of its members.

A source of Yemeni giant brigade said that the battle is currently taking place in the Al-Barah junction after taking full control of Mocka intersection. The coup militias have suffered heavy losses in the equipment and lives and the forces are advancing with high morale to take full control the junction.

The Red Sea Coast battleground is witnessing a large-scale military operation towards the “Mocka-Al-Barah” junction west of Taiz Governorate to take control of new areas from the Iranian Houthi militias and to complete the liberation and security of the Red Sea Coast, as well as lifting of the siege on Taiz from the west with the support of the UAE Armed Forces operating as part of the Arab Coalition Forces led by Saudi Arabia to support legitimacy in Yemen.

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