Woman acquitted of deriding Islam

Court clears woman voice technician of blasphemy and cursing Islam while fighting with 2 sisters

Dubai: A woman voice technician has been cleared of blasphemy and deriding Islam during a fight with two sisters.

Two Palestinian sisters were reported to have indulged in a heated argument with the 31-year-old Jordanian voice technician and her female friend in January in Bur Dubai.

When the argument led to a physical fight, the 31-year-old Jordanian woman was reported to have been heard using blasphemous words and insulting Islam.

The reasons behind the argument between the four women remained undisclosed in records that mentioned that police were summoned to the place where the fight had happened.

Citing lack of corroborated evidence, the Dubai Court of First Instance acquitted the Jordanian of blasphemy and deriding Islam by cursing the religion of one of the sisters.

When she appeared in court, the Jordanian woman pleaded not-guilty and refuted the charges.

“I did not use any blasphemous words or curse Islam. The incident happened in January and I have reconciled with the women [Palestinian sisters] … they have waived their complaint against me. I swear to God that I did not curse The Almighty. I didn’t deride the religion [of Islam],” she told the court.

However, the Jordanian woman and her friend were tried before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court for publicly cursing the sisters and assaulting them.

One of the sisters, 40, told prosecutors that the technician and her friend assaulted her and cursed her religion.

“We had a fight and they assaulted me. I heard the Jordanian suspect cursing God as well,” she told prosecutors.

The younger sister, 24, confirmed her sister’s statement and told prosecutors: “The Jordanian’s friend [the other woman suspect] beat me and cursed me as well. I overheard the Jordanian suspect cursing my sister’s religion.”

The Court of First Instance acquitted the Jordanian of any wrongdoing.

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