Woman bites policeman’s thumb during arrest

Dubai A woman has been accused of biting a policeman’s thumb and injuring him while she was being handcuffed, a court was told on Sunday.

The 24-year-old Ugandan woman was said to have been stopped by the police in Naif area in October to check her residency papers.

When asked for her papers, the woman refused to cooperate and tried to run away, according to records, before the police patrol team stopped her and tried to handcuff her.

While shackling the handcuffs around her wrists, the 24-year-old bit the hand of the policeman who was trying to restrain her while assisting his female partner.

The Ugandan woman bit the policeman’s right thumb and caused him an injury that required treatment at hospital.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of biting the policeman while resisting arrest.

The Ugandan suspect pleaded guilty when she appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday.

“I bit him but I did not know that he is a policeman as he did not identify himself as one,” the suspect argued before the presiding judge.

The injured policeman told prosecutors the incident occurred at 9.45am.

“We were patrolling Naif area looking for illegal residents. We suspected the Ugandan woman and asked her to show her papers. She refused to comply and tried to run away … we stopped her immediately. When we tried to handcuff her, she bit me and resisted arrest ferociously. I had to be taken to hospital to be treated,” he testified to prosecutors.

The suspect was quoted as admitting to prosecutors that she bit the policeman and had been staying in the country illegally.

A ruling will be heard on January 30.

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