Worker jailed for beating police, office robbery

Dubai: A worker, who sneaked into a company’s office and stole chequebooks and then fell in a sewage hole while absconding, was jailed for six months.

The trading company’s Pakistani security guard was walking in the corridor when he suddenly spotted a masked man coming out from a room in November.

The guard immediately stopped the man and asked him what he was doing in the company before the latter ran away.

The guard chased him but couldn’t catch up with the 24-year-old Pakistani defendant, who swiftly climbed on a window and jumped outside.

The guard rushed outside the premises, ran to the backside, and called his co-worker for assistance.

Once he reached the backside, he discovered that the defendant fell in a sewage hole. When he fell into the hole, the mask fell off and the guard and his co-worker recognised that the man had previously worked as a driver with them in the company.

As the two men pulled the accused out of the hole, the suspect scuffled with them before four men came out of nowhere and assaulted the guard and his co-worker.

The defendant absconded but a chequebook he had stolen fell from him.

The guard called the police and gave the details about the defendant and said that he had worked in the same company at Al Aweer.

Police apprehended the accused in Naif and during his arrest, he assaulted one of the policemen.

The Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the defendant for three months for assaulting a policeman and three more months for breaking into the company, attempting to steal chequebooks and other items. He was also convicted of beating the guard and causing Dh4,000 worth of damage on the premises.

The defendant, who pleaded not guilty plea, will be deported after serving his jail term.

The company’s guard testified that he was in the corridor at 6am when he saw the masked defendant.

“I stopped him immediately, but he ran towards the window and climbed his way out. I rushed to the backside and called my co-worker for help. The accused fell on an AC unit fixed under the window and then landed in the sewage hole. We recognised him once his mask came off. When we tried to stop him, four other persons came out of nowhere and beat us up. They freed him and absconded together … we called the police and informed them about his identity. When he was running away, a chequebook that he had stolen from the finance department fell from his pocket,” he said. A policeman said following an informant’s tipoff, they apprehended the defendant from Naif.

“While moving him to the police patrol, he tried to escape and assaulted me when I stopped him,” he said.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal.


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