Worker jailed for beating supervisor over salary deduction

Defendant beat victim after latter asked management to cut worker’s salary for leaving work

Dubai: A worker, who struck his supervisor with a stick after the latter disapproved his leave and had the company deduct three-day pay from his salary, has been jailed for three months.

The 35-year-old Bangladeshi had applied for a leave with his Indian supervisor who approved it at first but then changed his mind and asked the worker to stay in January 2017.

Later, the supervisor realised that the worker had absconded from the construction site without permission and reported to the management that the 35-year-old had left work without his consent. Based on the supervisor’s report, the management deducted the salary for three days from the worker’s monthly salary. This infuriated the 35-year-old worker who struck his supervisor with a stick thrice.

Co-workers intervened instantly and stopped the worker from pursuing his attack, and the injured supervisor was rushed to hospital.

Police apprehended the defendant from the construction site in the Business Bay area.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of beating his supervisor and causing him a 5 per cent permanent disability.

According to the primary ruling, the defendant sentenced the accused in absentia after he failed to appear before the court.

He will be deported after serving his jail term.

The Indian supervisor said he was at the site when he realised that the defendant had left work without permission.

“The accused absconded at 12am. I reported to the management that deducted a three-day pay from his salary. Two days later, I was present at the worksite when the accused came and assaulted me with a stick. He struck me on my leg, back and arm … then co-workers came and stopped him,” he said.

The defendant was cited as admitting to prosecutors that the victim at first permitted him to leave and then changed his mind before he decided to go home.

The Bangladeshi told prosecutors that he beat his supervisor once he learnt that three days’ pay had been deducted from his salary based on the Indian’s report that he had left work without permission.


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