World FZO Conference issues Dubai Declaration

DUBAI, 1st May, 2018 (WAM) — The World Free Zones Organisation’s (World FZO) 4th Annual International Conference & Exhibition (AICE) concluded today with the Dubai Declaration, a commitment to greater cooperation between international free zones for enhanced safety and security of trade and the global supply chain, bringing prosperity to the people.

The Declaration, signed by representatives from 57 countries, will introduce the World FZO Safe Zone concept – a code of conduct model for free zones; encourage enhanced management and monitoring of the entire supply chain; as well as increased information sharing between all stakeholders.

The two-day event attracted more than 1091 representatives and experts from the world’s free zones, associated entities and multi-lateral organisations including World Trade Organisation and International Labour Organisation. The delegates from more than 71 countries including United States, China, Brazil, India as well as from emerging economies such as Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Nigeria, Argentina and Uruguay engaged in robust and spirited discussions in panels and meetings to shape best practices and foster public awareness about the role and contribution to economic growth by free zones under the theme Free Zone 10X The Path to Prosperity. The 2018 AICE also launched the Izdihar Prosperity Index and Free Zones Outlook Report on the first day.

“The Dubai Declaration is an important milestone in the World FZO’s history as it reiterates the collective global will of World FZO’s members to improve and strengthen security and safety in the world’s trade and supply chain for achieving greater prosperity for the people in their countries. Within a short span of time, it is a matter of pride that World FZO has matured into an important driver of the world’s trade conversations and contributing to innovation in the new world trade order,” said Dr Mohammed Alzarooni, Chairman, World FZO.

AICE’s program of panels and meetings addresses key issues facing free zones through the perspectives of Measurement, Acceleration and Connection and explore the power of innovation to harness the true potential of free zones by enhancing safety mechanisms, becoming more inclusive and transforming the communities they operate in.

A number of workshops and sessions have led up to the main conference, including the African Development Bank’s Leaders of the Future training program, whose 50+ participants have joined AICE to contribute to the diversity of discussions in the main agenda.

The World FZO’s 2019 AICE will be held in Barcelona, Spain and return to Dubai in 2020 to coincide with Expo 2020.

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