Yemen Brigades al-‘Amalaqah liberate Al Wazi’yia – Update

Sun 06-05-2018 20:41 PM

YEMEN, 6th May, 2018 (WAM) — Brigades al-‘Amalaqah (Arabic for Giants) have liberated Al Wazi’yia Junction, west of Taiz, and ensured full control over the area, including the surrounding hills, after regaining control on Mocha and expunging the Iran-backed Houthi Militias from their pockets and strongholds.

Supported by the UAE Armed Forces, the Yemeni National Resistance and Tihama forces, the brigades inflicted heavy material and human damage on the coup perpetrators are continuing their advances across Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, dealing heavy blows against the rebels who fled the areas en masse, leaving behind scores dead and large caches of arms.

The control over Al Wazi’yia Junction cuts off the key supply route between Al Barah, Maqbana and Taiz, following fierce battles with Houthis after which the Yemeni forces controlled Rasian Valley.

Brigades al-‘Amalaqah earlier today took control of Mocha, west of Taiz and the mountainous areas overlooking the main road which was used by Houthi snipers, therefore tightening the noose on the coup perpetrators, who have sustained heavy losses in personnel and ammunitions.

Yemen’s Red sea Coast is witnessing large-scale battles on Mocha Al Barah Junction, west of Taiz, over new areas, with the National Force, supported by the Pro-Legitiamcy Arab Coalition, seeking to liberate the regions from the grip of the Houthis, secure the Red Sea Coast and lift the siege on Taiz from the West.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed/Tariq alfaham

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