Yemen troops make gains in Saada and Hodeida

Commander says Yemeni troops have advanced deep into mountainous areas in Maran region

Dubai: Yemeni government troops, backed by Saudi-led Arab coalition fighter jets, gained control over the Maran region and other villages in Saada after driving out the Iran-backed Al Houthi militias.

Al Arabiya online site said Orouba Brigade’s Commander Major General Abdul Karim Al Sadi told that his forces advanced successfully toward positions in Maran and neighbouring villages, taking control over the region.

He said his forces advanced deep into the region after they liberated more than 40 kilometres of mountainous areas and terrains.

The coalitions backed the Yemeni army during its military advances following the targeting of Al Houthi reinforcements coming from Maran to support its military fronts

Yemeni troops also advanced against the militia around Hodeida yesterday, a day after the government fighters started a major offensive to retake the vital port city.

Military sources said troops had gained territory from Al Houthi militia on the eastern and southern outskirts of Hodeida.

“The army forces will not stop until they take control of the strategic Hodeida port,” a military source said.

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