Yemeni National Resistance controls more military sites in Mocha and Al Barah – update

Sat 21-04-2018 22:09 PM

YEMEN, 21st April, 2018 (WAM) — The Yemeni National Resistance, led by Staff Brigadier-General Tarek Mohamed Abdullah Saleh, is continuing to take control of more military sites from the Iranian-backed Houthi militias on the road leading to Al Barah and Tebab in the direction of Mocha.

Backed by the UAE Armed Forces, operating as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, the National Resistance forces caused major collapses in the ranks of the coup perpetrators. The operation is also backed by the Yemeni Southern and Tahami Resistance Movements.

Saudi-led Coalition fighter jets have also launched a series of air strikes against weapons and ammunition caches, military enforcements and vehicles for the Houthi in Mocha, killing hundreds of militants, including fields commanders.

National Resistance Forces are fighting Houthis in different fronts in the Red Sea Coast, forcing them to flee battle grounds.

The forces are advancing towards Mocha and Al Barah in the west of Taiz Governorate as part of a large-scale operation to liberate the Red Sea Coast and break the siege of Taiz from the western front.

The UAE Armed Forces are providing military and logistical support to the land, sea and air operations that aim to liberate Yemen from Iran’s plot, through its proxy, the Houthis militia.

WAM/Tariq alfaham

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