Yemeni National Resistance forces take control of strategic districts

Aden: With support of the UAE and Sudanese armed forces, the Yemeni National Resistance forces took full control of Al Faza district and Zubaid junction, and liberated the strategic area of Al Mugris as well as 50 per cent of Al Tahita district amid a major field advance of the forces from several axes on the Red Sea Cost towards Hodeidah, which resulted in confusing the ranks of the Iran-allied Houthi militias.

The Yemeni Resistance forces managed to penetrate the front lines of the rebels in surprising military operations that caused a state of panic among the militia members for being killed or captured by the Yemeni Resistance after tightening the noose on all battlefronts.

Dozens of the Houthi militias members were killed including a commander and a supervisor with a number of his followers at Tahita district during confrontations with the Yemeni Resistance forces amidst continuing clashes by the Yemeni resistance forces south of Hodeidah, as part of the large-scale military operation towards the governorate so as to clear it from the militias.

Brigades Al Amalaqah, the National Resistance and Tihama Resistance forces have succeeded in tightening the screws on the Houthi militias, which resulted in the fleeing of their elements from the battlefronts, leaving behind their equipment and dead bodies, while selling their weapons to secure an appropriate means of escape after the continuing victories in the Red Sea Coast and near collapse of the coup project in Yemen.

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