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Zayed’s vision continues to drive programmes aimed at improving people’s lives

By Advika Roongta, 16 and Vidushy Avasthi, 16

It is a fact universally acknowledged that a nation in pursuit of greatness must invest in its people before all else. As Shaikh Zayed once said, “No matter how many buildings, foundations, schools and hospitals we build, or how many bridges we raise, all these are material entities. The real spirit behind progress is the human spirit, the able man with his intellect and capabilities.”

The UAE’s leaders, realising the necessity of human development early on, have been building upon this awareness by initiating and/or supporting programmes that seek to improve human capital in the country.

The Global Education & Skills Forum, in its sixth edition, helps further one of Shaikh Zayed’s many cherished ideals — that of human development. Just as he contributed immensely to the development of social infrastructure within the UAE and beyond, this initiative by the Varkey Foundation enables organisations and individuals to unitedly fulfill goals as lofty as that of universal education.

On May 2, the doors of the Oberoi hotel in Dubai will open for one of the UAEs most prestigious conferences centered around human resource. The Human Capital Forum MENA 2018, hosted by Naseba. Nearly 150 people will gather to engage in interactive talk shows, offbeat events like dance classes, brainstorming sessions, and ‘Guru mornings’ which are tell-all events with your favourite experts on leadership and human capital.

The participants will take away skills to improve and increase their wellbeing, which will improve the happiness level of employees all over UAE, and impart an element of unity to business’ dynamism.

Human development drives in UAE emphasise upon the concepts of happiness, giving, and morals. The Tislam card initiative is a prime example. Created by the Dubai Health Authority, it aims to promote happiness in the workplace.

Over the last 46 years, the UAE has evolved into a dynamic, progressive nation. Our modern lives are enviable because the country continues to be moulded by the vision and legacy of Shaikh Zayed.

Van Gogh: Beyond the visual incentive

By Ayusha Mahajan, 17

Immersive show ensures a rewarding experince for art lovers and enthusiasts alike 

Dubai: Paint, canvas and an eye for things that hide themselves from obvious sight: Vincent van Gogh.

The immortal artist, paradoxically, has come back to life – through his art. What was it that made this introvert pick up a brush and exert his most vibrant influence on people?

Art galleries are powerful places, filled with the memories and nostalgia of preceding centuries but there is only that much observing a painting can do. Some can stare at the piece for hours at a time, filling their eyes with the messages, symbols and emotions trapped within the frame. Others glimpse it and move on.

How much more perceptive could it be, to simply drop a viewer into the legend and life of the painter itself? Know whether their life on this planet was vibrant, melancholic or misunderstood?

The Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development of the UAE sought to do just that – offer a new level of immersion for art-lovers and casual day-spenders alike, one that may give new meaningto the then misunderstood, now famous, Dutch post-impressionist’s life.

The 34-minute show was planned to spend six weeks in Abu Dhabi, from January 14 to February 26, and then to move to Dubai Design District from March 11 to April 23.

It features a specially chosen score of classical music. This will accompany the 3,000 pictures encapsulating Gogh’s paintings, as well as inspirational images displayed on the walls, floor and ceiling of the exhibition space using 40 HD projectors ensuring you have an experience that is embodied by only three things: You, an artist and his art works.

Heritage Museum in Shindagha is a must-see

By Aastha Jani, 16

A repository of UAE’s history, it preserves the relationship of modern UAE with its priceless past

The Saruq Al-Hadid heritage site and museum are a testimony to the fact that the United Arab Emirates possesses links to civilisations from over 5000 years ago.

The Saruq Al-Hadid or ‘the Way of Iron’ is a remote desert site which remained a centre for metal work in the Arabian Peninsula. Discovered by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai on a helicopter ride, an excavation was conducted that revealed copper and gold artefacts – small metal human figurines, bronze snakes, and even a single mysterious anklet – from civilisations past.

The founding father of the UAE, Shaikh Zayed, believed that the spirit of human development is the creation of a man who with his resources, art, and determination, is capable of preserving achievements while pushing towards a glorious future.

He encouraged the development of human capability and received many awards for his contributions to the cause.

Museums like this aim to “push further” by establishing and preserving relationships with our past. They contribute to making the human mind capable of comprehending the extent of human civilisation which leads to a holistic development of the individual.

The museum is one of UAE’s most interesting heritage points at its home in the heart of Old Dubai – the Shindagha Heritage District. The area offers an eye-catching juxtaposition of the old and the new that presents every visitor with a thrilling experience, history lover or otherwise.

Visitors can expect to be greeted by a connection between the early Arab civilisations and their counterparts in Mesopotamia, India, Syria and Egypt.

The immersive AV experience, theatrical film show, and multiple beautiful displays allow visitors of all ages to explore unanswered questions while participating in the magic they offer.

On visiting the museum, Shaikh Mohammed said, “Museums reflect the culture of the nation. They symbolise ancient and modern civilisation of the country and a nation that has no history, has no identity.”

The Dubai EXPO 2020 logo has been inspired by a gold ring discovered at the site and now displayed at the museum.

Beauty, history, and innovation come together at the museum and for just Dh20, visitors will get to experience rewarding family day out.

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