Your credit card details can be stolen

Your credit card’s money can be stolen through electronic magnetism.

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police warned residents on Sunday to be cautious of fraudsters who are stealing credit card details through RFID card reader machines.

Card details are retrieved through the electronic magnetic machines, which are placed near a wallet, handbag or credit card for a few seconds.

A video, which has gone viral, shows a fraudster easily retrieving a customer’s bank card details by flashing an RFID machine past his pocket, and then withdrawing money from the customer’s account a few minutes later.

Colonel Emran Ahmad Al Mazroui, acting director of Directorate of Criminal Investigations, said that while no such case has been reported, Abu Dhabi Police is warning people of such violations as victims are often oblivious to the situation.

He further explained that the risk lies in the fact that the card reader machines contain a tiny micro-camera that records the pin numbers of credit cards, which are later used by fraudsters.

Al Mazroui asked people to be cautious of such machines, particularly when they are abroad, and to look out for any suspicious activity when withdrawing money from an ATM or paying bills.

“Credit cards should not be left in a visible places, such as inside a vehicle, and residents should ensure they are using secure systems when shopping online using their credit cards. They should not disclose their card details, protect their secret pin, and activate the receipt service for text messages at every transaction or purchase,” he said.

Al Mazroui stressed the keenness of Abu Dhabi Police to address all kinds of electronic security threats through the cybercrime department, and to organise educational programmes for the public to warn against the dangers of cybercrimes.

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